Un âge limite pour la maternité en Bulgarie?

Age cap on births has been demanded by the head of the Parliamentary Health Committee a day after a 62-year-old woman gave birth to twins in Northern Bulgaria.
Health Committee Chair, Lachezar Ivanov, spoke in favor of a motherhood age limit, as cited by BTA.
“Science is progressing but we need an age limit for the women who want to give birth with medical assistance,” said Ivanov, regarding the case of the 62-year-old Krasimira Dimitrova who gave birth to twins in the city of Pleven on Wednesday.
According to Ivanov, some law changes are necessary and the age limit that should be accepted is around 40 years.
“It's not normal for a 62-year-old woman to become a mother,” said the member of the ruling GERB party.
Ivanov expressed his concerns with the children and mother's health condition due to the late pregnancy.
Medicine's achievements are wonderful, but they should not be in conflict with the moral, ethical and religious beliefs, Ivanov said.
62-year-old Krasimira Dimitrova gave birth to twins following an embryo transfer. This is the second global case of such late birth and the first in Bulgaria. Until now, there have been six cases of women above 60-years who have been impregnated with a donor egg.
Quel est l'âge limite pour avoir des enfants? La question se pose en Bulgarie après qu'une femme de 62 ans ait donné naissance à des jumeaux. Un comité suggère d'empêcher les femmes de plus de 40 ans d'avoir recours à des traitements de fertilité. Qu'en pensez-vous?

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